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Insights and perspectives from Radisson Meetings

We’ve created this Insights & Research corner to help share best practices, keep you informed about the latest trends in the meetings and events industry and give you exclusive access to our white papers and interviews with industry experts – quality content that we hope will be valuable to you.

Events horizons: a blueprint for success

Delegates expect truly memorable and transformative experiences. While senior leaders demand a greater return on their investment. Radisson Meetings has conducted global research which reveals how leading event planners are delivering on both fronts.

This report, based on a survey of 607 event planners in 12 countries across Europe, Middle East and Africa and qualitative interviews with industry executives, explores the challenges facing event planners and uncovers the behaviours that lead to sustained success.

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Video Q&A with industry experts

How to get attendees involved and engaged, and how to measure ROI and return on objectives.

Judy Elvey, Director of Marketing at Cvent, tells us how the best events combine professional insight, personality and the element of surprise

Judy Elvey

Director Marketing Europe, Cvent

Clare Tunstead, Global Director of Operations at FT Live, on how to meet rising delegate expectations, and why intimate events can deliver the best ROI

Clare Tunstead

Financial Times Live, Global Director of Operations

The human hand of technology

Holographic images, virtual reality and 3D printers are creating unforgettable experiences for event participants. But their use should never detract from the innate human need to connect with one another. Patrick Apostolo, Corporate Director of Operations EMEA at Radisson Hotel Group, explains how technology can enhance human interaction at events, and tells us what Radisson venues are doing to adapt to planners’ ever-evolving needs.

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Meeting of minds

Planners are looking for ever more creative ways to bring attendees closer together – Braindate’s peer learning platform is one of them.

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The Cry For Roi: How To Measure Roi For Meetings And Events

Meetings are meetings, not miracles. They have to be connected to something else, a campaign, or a strategy. If you want your meeting to be “strategic,” then it’s important to link it to a strategy and its greater purpose.

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Crossing the RED line

Created for the travelers of tomorrow, Radisson RED is one of the world’s most dynamic brands, tapping into some of the biggest trends in hospitality today—and expanding at an exciting pace.

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Our journey towards a greener future: Q&A with Inge Huijbrechts

With business-to-business (B2B) events generating more than $1.07 trillion of direct spending and drawing 1.5 billion participants globally in 2017, the associated environmental and societal impact of events is considerable. As a result, sustainability has risen to the top of the agenda for all stakeholders involved.

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Self-sustaining: the next generation of events

Engaged delegates, happy sponsors and smooth logistics – in recent years any one of these factors would have been considered the mark of a successful event. Of course, they still are important metrics, but today, there is another critical consideration for event planners: sustainability.

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How to create a more inclusive events industry

All-male panels, or ‘manels’, are pervasive and can undermine the diversity of events. But they are just the most high-profile symbol of the events industry’s potential inclusion problem. How can planners, venues, and the entire supply chain make the kind of deep and lasting changes that not only improve panel diversity but also counteract the less visible biases that undermine inclusion?

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Best practices that drive ROI growth

Events are changing. Digital disruption, delegate expectations and senior leaders’ ROI demands are transforming the way event planners work. Today, unique experiences that deliver a strong return on investment are a must.

Learn how to secure bigger ROI for your events program.

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The event planning recipe for success

The main reasons people attend events are for education and networking – they are the two things that you absolutely have to get right. Therefore, content is king, and it has changed the way events are run. We understand that, if we’re asking attendees to make a commitment and visit for two or three days, they expect to learn something new about their industry, and not just about the exhibitors’ products and services.

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New perspectives on designing successful events

Experiential marketing is one of the biggest trends in the industry. And at FT Live we are seeing so much more around experiences offered by the venues we work with. It’s no longer about booking a space; the delegate experience is everything.

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Local expertise, global mindset

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